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Tony Award-winning actress and singer Idina Menzel is best known for her roles in Rent, Wicked, and for singing “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. Now she’s back on Broadway with her current show If/Then.

Hear her perform songs from If/Then, with composer Tom Kitt in the Soundcheck studio.

(Photo credit: Michael Katzif/WNYC)

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hey babe,

My friend! ★


Usually I take forever to be able to trust someone enough to let them in, to let them know the real me, but as soon as we started talking we just clicked! I am glad I saw your post and messaged you, you are amazing to talk to you have such a brilliant personality and you’re so pretty and so funny!…


Things I like to do on snapchat: draw on my self, pick my nose and touch my face.

I like to draw on you, pick your nose and touch your face


you know the shouting when trying to reach high notes from musicals


Happy 46th Birthday Kristin Chenoweth (24.07.1968)

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Savannah Stevenson sings “Let It Go” during Wicked (18-7-2014)

from insanitygonemad on youtube

I am so glad there is an audio of this!

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perfection,idina menzel,


OMG Idina Menzel is just… yes. LISTEN

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The wickedly talented


One Song Glory

by Jonathan Larson

►played 13941 times

One Song Glory sung by Jonathan Larson

This is literally one of the most important audios in existence.


when youre in 1st place in Mario Kart and someone throws a blue shell



Someone posted this on twitter (@theatrenerd15) and i just want to leave it here for you guys in case you haven’t seen it.
Broadway’s BIGGEST STAR: queen Idina Menzel, ladies and gentleman.

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One Photoset Per Rent Song: La Vie Boheme
"To being an us for once, instead of a them.

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"Thank you so much Paul! Holy motherfuckers is this even happening?! Thank you to all my adorable fans who voted, obviously this is the most intriguing award of my career. I feel more adored than the guy from the bachelor and the bachelor put together. I’d like to thank my agent, Baby Woodlake for giving up porn and going into representing performers like me, and my dresser, Whiskey Blue and most importantly my goddessly costars who put up with my nail picking both on stage and off. But this tall Broadway.com Audience Choice Award is really about you, the fans. Thank you for your gifts of brownies and…oh, I have a lot of gifts I can put in that speech actually, brownies, green M&Ms, green bowling balls, Elphabas, Elsas, drawings, umm, uh-TEQUILA…that you always send backstage. I’m happy to autograph your penises at the stage door and I will cherish this for about a month. I’m going to keep it in my bedroom where I can look at it whenever I do the dishes. Barbra Streisand, this one’s for you.” - Idina Menzel’s mad-libbed speech for Broadway.com’s Audience Choice Award for Best Lead Actress [x]